About Boutique Rebellion

Boutique Rebellion was born as a way to “escape the shopping norm”. I could never find what I was looking for in mainstream stores so I started crafting my own designs for myself (dating back to the 90's) and my kiddos. 

Boutique Rebellion has become a creative outlet for our family!  What started as a way for me to get the things I just couldn't find in mainstream stores has turned into a creative process that brings our family together! 

We offer a mix of items for the entire family to enjoy! From Direct To Garment (DTG) printed tees, laser engraved home goods & accessories, to bows & jewelry- we have you covered! We provide an edgy eclectic mix of adult humor, first responder/military, sassy & whimsical designs. 

My goal has always been to provide items you will not see in retail venues and big chain stores. We aim to provide you with items that are as unique as the person who wears it!

Most items are UNICORNS! Unicorn by definition is something that is highly desirable but difficult to find or obtain.

Our tee prints are limited! Once we reach our limit, they will no longer be available. (Tees that have reached their max limit will be opened periodically when we have VAULT sales and open up a limited number of each of those tees).

Our handcrafted accessory items are usually created as a single item with no duplicate & put together in our shop-by us. The artistic process along with mixed mediums and materials give your design its UNIQUE flair. We will do our best to recreate items WE have previously made if requested assuming like textiles are available. 

We would love to create your CUSTOM item, contact us so we can make your idea a reality! Whether it be fun or work related we are here to get you the you need!

At Boutique Rebellion we also partner with other small businesses & small business wholesalers to bring you the most unique and quality handcrafted items. These items ship directly from the warehouses of these trusted partners!

Thank you for joining us at Boutique Rebellion! We cant wait to create for you!