Custom Sheet  Direct to Film -  DTF  Transfer

Custom Sheet Direct to Film - DTF Transfer

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***This Listing is for your CUSTOM sheet of transfers printed on Direct to Film -DTF ONLY at the size(s) you choose from the list below. 

If you are providing your own images, YOUR IMAGES MUST:

  • be at least 300 DPI
  • be at least 12"x12" (or the size of the image you are wanting printed if it is larger than 12"x1 not including space between the image and end of the frame
  • be PNG format
  • be saved as the size of the sheet you are ordering
  • be sent with your SHOPIFY ORDER NUMBER in the SUBJECT LINE to TAT does not begin until we receive both your payment & images. Please remember to LIST what size(s) and quantity(ies) go with each sheet. If the email will not support all of your images please let us know how many emails total we should have received.

OR you can use OUR CATALOG OF IMAGES by hitting the hot pink BUILD YOUR SHEET HERE button below. You can also mix and match images from our gallery & your own personal uploaded images!

Transfer Size suggestions: 

  • 2”x2”-hat patches, coasters, infant pocket, coin purse
  • 3”x3”-patch, coaster, toddler or youth pocket, standard adult sleeve
  • 4”x4”-standard adult pocket, zip top pouch, bandanna, oversized adult sleeve
  • 5”x5”-infant sized front, oversized adult pocket
  • 6”x6”-toddler front image
  • 7”x7”-youth front, towels, backpack 
  • 8”x8”-youth back, teen front image, pillow, kids blanket
  • 9”x9”-teen back, 10-12” tote bags
  • 10”x10”-oversized teen back, XS/S adult front image
  • 11”x11”-standard adult front image
  • 12”x12”-promotional table cloths, adult oversized front images, pillows, 13-15” tote bags
  • 13”x13”-adult MAX size (please be sure to know your flat shirt width & length before ordering to ensure that this print will fit on your tee)

***these sizes are suggestions: HOWEVER we will not refund if you choose the incorrect image size for your item***

Your customers deserve the BEST! Your success is our priority!  We give you the best print, for the best price, with the best customer experience! 

At Boutique Rebellion we don’t sacrifice quality to give you the best!  We use quality film, ink and powder in our commercial machines to give your prints the most vibrant image & buttery soft feel! 

Pressing instructions:

  • We recommend starting with a press temperature of 280 degrees F and HEAVY pressure. (depending on the variables of your humidity, heat press and shop temperature increasing a few degrees at a time not to exceed 305 degrees)
  • Prepress your garment for 5-10 seconds 
  • Line up your print where you want it to be adhered, top with butcher paper or parchment and press with HEAVY pressure for 10-12 seconds
  • Place flat to cool, peel once cold
  • Remove film and use parchment or butchers paper or another plain t-shirt and press again for 5-10 seconds

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