Mama Incase No One Told You Today DTF Transfer

Mama Incase No One Told You Today DTF Transfer

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***This Listing is for the image shown in the picture (printed on Direct to Film -DTF TRANSFER ONLY, at the size you choose from the list below. If the image is not a perfect square, whichever side is longer (width- side to side or height- up and down) is which side will reach the inches you choose. Example: the image is a vertical (up and down) rectangle, you choose 3”, the image will be 3” tall and potentially only one or two inches wide. If you have any questions regarding image sizing please reach out to us via the contact us button and put sizing help in your subject line***

Your customers deserve the BEST! Your success is our priority!  We give you the best print, for the best price, with the best customer experience! 

At Boutique Rebellion we don’t sacrifice quality to give you the best!  We use quality film, ink and powder in our commercial machines to give your prints the most vibrant image & buttery soft feel! 

Transfer Size suggestions: 

  • 2”x2”-hat patches, coasters, infant pocket, coin purse
  • 3”x3”-patch, coaster, toddler or youth pocket, standard adult sleeve
  • 4”x4”-standard adult pocket, zip top pouch, bandanna, oversized adult sleeve
  • 5”x5”-infant sized front, oversized adult pocket
  • 6”x6”-toddler front image
  • 7”x7”-youth front, towels, backpack 
  • 8”x8”-youth back, teen front image, pillow, kids blanket
  • 9”x9”-teen back, 10-12” tote bags
  • 10”x10”-oversized teen back, XS/S adult front image
  • 11”x11”-standard adult front image
  • 12”x12”-promotional table cloths, adult oversized front images, pillows, 13-15” tote bags
  • 13”x13”-adult MAX size (please be sure to know your flat shirt width & length before ordering to ensure that this print will fit on your tee)

***these sizes are suggestions: HOWEVER we will not refund if you choose the incorrect image size for your item***

Pressing instructions:

  • YOU MUST HAVE A STANDARD HEAT PRESS- YOU WILL NOT HAVE SUCCESS WITH A CRICUT PRESS OR A TRADITIONAL IRON. NO REFUNDS/REPRINTS IF YOU PURCHASE AND DO NOT OWN A HEAT PRESS. If you are unsure if your equipment is sufficient please email and we will be happy to assist you in figuring it out. ***If you have a heat press where you can set the PSI we recommend 70-80lb.
  • We recommend starting with a press temperature of 285 degrees F and Heavy pressure. (depending on the variables of your humidity, heat press and shop temperature increasing a few degrees at a time not to exceed 310 degrees)
  • Prepress your garment for 5-10 seconds 
  • Line up your print where you want it to be adhered, top with butcher paper or parchment and press on Heavy pressure for 12-15 seconds
  • For buttery soft prints, after pressing rub the film for a few seconds with an old tee shirt or kitchen towel and peel hot/warm, or after pressing you can just place the tee flat to cool, peel once cold.
  • Remove film and use tseal sheet, parchment, butchers paper or a blank clean tee and press again for 10-15 seconds
***The above pressing instructions are recommendations based on what works for us with our equipment and use with our transfers. Results may vary.***

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