You are your own super hero

Posted by Amy Southwick on

Those of you that move regularly, you are my super hero’s!

We moved from FL to TX in Oct of last year. We had to completely renovate our TX home (and we really had no idea how much/bad it was until we got here).

In Feb I was able to secure a storefront to utilize as warehouse space downtown, less than 5 min from our home, to set up my printing equipment because we lost the space we thought we would be able to utilize in the remodel. After moving into the storefront space, the ceiling began to leak. This month after realizing the landlord wasn’t going to actually fix anything, we began looking for a new location, found it and moved everything, AGAIN, to the new location.

I have learned: I LOATHE MOVING!

I have also learned: Sometimes you have to fail to succeed.

My failure wasn’t necessarily self induced or my actual business (thankfully). Rather it was the whole treacherous experience of our first “warehouse space”.

It made me want to sell everything and quit!

I stuck it out and the new landlord is AH-MAY-ZING and has been an absolute blessing in the two weeks we have been there!

If you’ve read this far, My points are:

💥those of you that move often, grant yourselves some grace! Moving alone is hard. Add moving and running a business and it’s insane. Add a husband/kids to all of that and it’s straight chaos! So you are a ROCKSTAR and you deserve grace.

💥sometimes you have to fail to succeed. Staying stuck & embracing failure allows failure to win. Make sure failure is the loser! Failure is a part of success and helps us to refine our plan to move forward and grow.

💥 It has taken me 8 months since we moved to our TX home to actually be at a point where I feel like I am back in the business the way I should be or was before the move.

Life is hard.

Business is hard.

Life with a family is hard.

How hard is up to you!

If we stay down and let hard win, then we cause ourselves to become stuck in a downward mental spiral focusing on our failures.

When we are resilient and reframe our focus, fall down, cry, get back up and try again, we can accomplish anything!

You are worthy of your business. You are allowed to be sad & cry. You are capable of success. You are allowed to take a break. You are resilient!

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